UK Manufacturing
Our 48,500 sq ft manufacturing facility located in Frome, Somerset, is a state-of-the-art facility incorporating production facilities, warehousing, laboratories, and manufacturing support offices.
We have the capability to manufacture liquids, creams and lotions in bulk and also have a pilot plant facility for product trials.
An 8-line production hall enables the filling of bottles and jars, alcohol products, tubes, hot fill and small runs as well as ancillary equipment for flexible and varied packaging.
A dedicated manufacturing room has been installed for mixing alcohol products.
Our full laboratory facilities enable us to meet stringent QC requirements.
We are equipped for incoming raw materials, batch approval and finished product QC.

Far East Sourcing
Our office in Hong Kong work closely with specialist packaging and product suppliers based in the SE Asia region. Extensive travel and audit by our team ensure high quality standards are maintained in safe and ethically compliant factories.

Product Development
Diversity and flexibility are key, we work with a variety of customers from well known companies on the high street to more individual niche brands, all of whom are treated with the same level of expertise and service.
The result is a varied product portfolio from natural skincare ranges that conform to strict eco - guidelines, scientific ranges that use state-of-the-art technology and fragrance led indulgent ranges that utilise essential oils and luxury ingredients.

Gift Assembly in the UK and Far East
Our area of expertise extends not only to single product ranges but also to gift ranges where we design and source the relevant component parts, assembling either in the Far East or at our factory in the U.K. We supply gifts in all product areas including cosmetic gifts which are particularly popular with licensed brands.

Warehousing and Supply Chain Management
These are areas where we have invested heavily in technology whilst retaining flexibility. Our warehousing and distribution team are responsible for quality assurance and control of incoming components.
Our barcode stock control system provides us with state-of-the-art control of stock accounting and movement leading to high quality inventory management.
Warehousing facilities are available across all three of our sites.